Rules & Expectations

Rules & Expectations

Do not bring into the classroom...

  • No Food/Drinks/Gum. Waterbottles are OK.
  • No bags.

Cell phones & other electronic devices

  • They should be kept in your locker; if you bring them into the classroom, they must be put in one of the wall pouches right away, not in your pocket! 
  • If you don't lie about it and don't put it in the bin, it will be confiscated til the end of the day!

End of class:

At the end of class:

  • sign off your computer and stay in your seat until the bell rings.
  • As you leave, push in your chair.

Behaviour during class:

  • Stay in your seat:
    • no wandering around the room
    • stay in your chair until the bell rings at the end of class - put your checklist in the bin on your way out the door.
  • Hands off! No touching other people’s computer, cables, keyboard, the monitors
  • When/what you say: No inappropriate language, disrespectful comments; No talking while instructions given at the beginning of class
  • Noise level: you may talk to students sitting beside you quietly, but you should not be calling out to people farther away or the noise level gets to be too much!

Free Time:

Your work must be checked and approved by the teacher first! Then you can play an appropriate game on the computer or your phone.

  • no Happy Wheels/Total Jerkface
  • no watching videos online
  • no social networking/messaging sites

Leaving the classroom:

  • You cannot leave when there is less than 5 minutes left in class.
  • Only one person at a time: If you need to go to the bathroom, check the binder near the teacher's desk. If the pass is there, you can sign out. If the pass is not there, you have to wait for the other person to come back. Let the teacher know you are going!


  • If you're late, just come in quietly. Ask someone next to you what we're doing, what the expectation/assignment is for the day.
  • If you have been sick, missed classes and you don't want your grade to be affected, you have to talk to the teacher after school to get your assignment/project expectations adjusted.

Listening to music:

If I allow your class to have the option to listen to music while working on projects, there are some conditions for this privilege.

You may listen to music over the computer, with the following conditions:

  • you can bring a mp3 player (ie. Shuffle), that has no wifi
  • if on the computer, then should be a radio station or a playlist
  • browser window should stay in the background - you can't sit there watching videos!
  • wait to put in headphones until after the lesson/instructions
  • shouldn't be so loud others can hear it
  • have both earbuds in
  • don't share earbuds
  • it should not be a distraction! You should have a playlist set up; should not be wasting class time looking for songs!