In the upper right corner of every window you'll see this...

  • If you click on the red "x", you'll close the program.
  • In some programs you'll see an inner "x" - if you click on this one, you'll close the file open in that program but keep the program still open

To work with windows:

  • resize - place cursor over the border (when it turns to a two-pointed arrow, then drag to resize).
  • move - click on Title bar...

Split Screen

  • You can click on the Title bar and drag til the cursor touches the side of the screen and let go.
  • You can click on a window to make it active, then use WINDOWS+Left/Right arrow key to push it to the side.

If you have only 2 programs open, you can just right-click on the taskbar and choose the "side-by-side" option.