Student Share

Expand Computer

Expand Computer on the left so you see your Z: folder. Then click on S: (Student Share) on the left.

You'll see a list of folders. Double-click and go into the Koppejan folder.

Copy shortcuts & Folders to Z:

Click once on the folder or shortcut you need to select it. Then click and drag it over into your Z: folder on the left to copy it into there. Here's what you need to copy/drag into your Z: folder:

  • blue folder: "Computers 7" or "Graphic Arts 8" if you're in those classes
  • yellow shortcut to hand in folders: to the block you're in
  • green Chrome shortcut: for your class website
    • if you're not in Computers 7, Computers 8, or Graphic Arts 8, you will need to copy the link for Moodle

Rename hand in folder shortcut

Go into Z: and rename the shortcut to the hand in folder to your class, ie. "hand in - Computers 7".