Open Chrome

You will close & open Chrome about 5x, until have the following
  1. Chrome is pinned to the taskbar
  2. Chrome = default browser
  3. Settings: on start up, opens to Moodle course
  4. (Log in remembers username & password, click on “Log in” and into your course (not dashboard)
  5. See bookmarks bar
  6. No welcome screens

Pin to taskbar

Right-click on the Chrome icon on the taskbar and "Pin".

Set Chrome as default

If you see the yellow bar pop up, click on "Set as Default".

A new window opens up. Click on "Windows Edge"...

Then choose "Chrome" from the list of options...

Then click on "Switch Anyways"...

Chrome Settings

Now go to Settings on the top right (= 3 dots of an exclamation). 

A new window opens up. Set it to show Bookmarks Bar.

Scroll to the bottom. Under On Start Up, select "Open a specific page..." button - then click on "Use current pages".

Click on the 3 dots to the right of this webpage and "remove"; you want to keep the Moodle page only.

You can close the Settings tab.

Get rid of welcome windows

Close Chrome. Then click on it on the taskbar to open it up. You may get the window below... just close Chrome.

When you open Chrome again, you may get this window... just click on "not now".