Computer Set Up


  1. Go to This PC and right-click on the one with your student number. Rename it to your first name.
  2. Go into Z: and right-click on your "Computers" folder. Pin it to Quick Access.


  1. Go into your Z: Computers folder and use the shortcut to go to Moodle.
  2. Log in, saving your username and password
  3. Go into your course and bookmark it.


  • Pin Chrome to the taskbar.
  • Unpin Windows Edge from the taskbar. Also unpin the Windows Store (and Email) shortcut.


  1. Under Settings, show bookmarks bar and set the current page (moodle course) as the default page it opens on start up.
  2. Make Chrome your default browser.
  3. Close Chrome and open it up a few times so you don't get welcome windows anymore.

Desktop Background

Whenever you have time, you can change your Desktop Background